Sax Mutes
Price: $15.95-$17.95


The Original Swab Saxophone Mute 

For Alto or Tenor Saxophone


Ever notice the Low C, D,  B, Bb, have a tendency to be a bit out of tune?  Ever notice a brightness on the lower notes that sounds harsh? Would you like to Darken your sound? Ever have someone say your too loud?!

We are please to introduce our Alto and Tenor Saxophone Mute. But don't let the name fool you! It is far more than a mute! It will actually help your intonation! By placing the mute in your bell vertically, your intonation will improve. By placing it in the bell horizontally, your sound will be quieter.

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The Original Swab Trumpet Lead pipe Swab received a 5 Star rating on Musicians Friend website.
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