Sax Mutes
Price: $15.95-$17.95

The Original Swab
The Original swab made of 100% cotton is available for all of your brass and woodwind instruments....


Dr Dan's Maintenance DVD's
Broadcast quality maintenance DVD's provide clear and easy to understand  step by step instruction on cleaning your instrument....


Thumb Cruisers
"Makes your thumb feel like its on vacation!" Thumb rest cushions for your instrument...


Saxophone Mute

              Check out the new Saxophone mute...perhaps it is what you 
              have been looking for!


Black Lightening Valve Oil

              The latest in valve oil technology for Monel pistons!


Ultra Smooth Tuning Slide Grease

              Try this new slide grease. Water soluble for easy clean up, and the smoothest slides you have ever felt. 


H20 Trombone Slide Water Bottle

               Way cool Emerald Green Bottle with fine mist sprayer!

Guitar Fingerboard and Finish Cleaner

    Safe for all finishes and wood types, GFFC cleans fingerboards, lacquer and other finishes fast, and leaves no residue.


Iron Cactus Publications in Richland Washington Rates The Original Swab as the "best most effective swab on the market".
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Dr. Dan's Thumb Cruisers
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Dr. Dan's Maintenance Videos
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Black Lightning Valve Oil
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