"Dr. Dan's" Maintenance DVD's
Price: $19.95

"Dr. Dan's" Maintenance DVD's

Step by step instructions on how to maintain and care for your instrument.

"Dr. Dan" is a master craftsman with over 30 years experience in the care and repair of musical instruments. In this video he covers all aspects of the care of your musical instrument, from the handling of your instrument in its case, to the method of cleaning and preservation of your instrument.

In a clear and easy to understand full color DVD, "Dr. Dan" takes you step by step through the cleaning of your instrument. You will be shown what you will need care for your particular instrument and by following his instructions you will add years of life to your instrument, as well as save yourself expensive repairs. Just one trip to the repair shop could cost you four times the cost of the DVD.

Beginners to professionals will benefit from this informative instructional video, that can be referred to again and again. So grab your instrument, pop this DVD in and clean your way to better intonation, longer lasting pads, and cleaner wind!



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  • Extend the life of your instrument.
  • A clean instrument plays better in tune.
  • Saves costly trips to the repair shop.
  • Keeps you on the bandstand making music.