Demand Silk Swabs



Silk with a Difference!

Demand Silk Swabs are created from the finest Chinese Silk available. 

Demand Silk Swabs are made with a cotton lining to better absorb moisture away from the exterior of the swab. 

Demand  Silk Swabs are made in a unique envelope design which traps air inside the swab and pushes the silk towards the interior walls of your instrument for more contact with the damaging moisture.

Compare silk swabs and you will clearly see the superior design and cleaning action of Demand Silk Swabs! 

Demand Silk Swabs are black silk. Other colors are available on special order basis.    

Demand the best...Demand Demand Silk Swabs! 


Matthew 7:7


Iron Cactus Publications in Richland Washington Rates The Original Swab as the "best most effective swab on the market".
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